Apr 19, 2021

April News

Robot Achievements:

  • We extended the actual robot drive time from a previous high of 14 minutes to 90 consecutive minutes - and the test ended with a fully functional robot.
  • The fully custom electronics have been designed and ordered. They will be implemented in the April version of the robot.

The Grain Weevil Featured in the News:

  • The Grain Weevil was featured in Farm Show magazine's March edition.
  • The Delta Farm Press highlighted the Grain Weevil story and our short pitch video.
  • The Van Trump Report included a nice piece on the Grain Weevil in their March 29th edition.
  • Please watch for some amazing news on April 27th. Our Grain Weevil college founders will be part of a nationwide announcement in an innovation prize competition {wish we could tell you more!}.
  • Milestones for April include: finalizing beta version of the prototype, creating a marketing video in conjunction with the Combine, and the testing of our drive-by-camera system with data collection.

More Updates . . .

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