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"Build me a robot so I never
have to go into a grain bin again!"

The Grain Weevil robot protects people and profits by
controlling risk, costs, and quality within post-harvest grain storage processes.

Advanced Grain Bin Management Benefits

The Grain Weevil is a grain bin safety and management robot that directly engages the surface of the grain. Grain bins are dirty, dangerous workplaces. We keep that farmer with a shovel out of the bin by leveling, breaking crusts, doing inspections and feeding grain into the extraction augers.

Farmer Well-Being

• Reduce Grain Bin Entry
• Lower Long Term Risks
• Avoid Falls
• Avoid Entanglements
• Avoid Entrapments

Workflow Efficiency

• Leveling
• Inspections
• Breaking up Crusts & Bridges
• Manage & Map While Loading Grain
• Feeding Augers While Unloading

Grain Quality Impact

• Increase Management Frequency
• Reduced Labor Costs
• Reduced Loss Due to Spoilage
• More Efficient Aeration
• Store Grain Longer with Confidence

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Our Mission: No Boots in the Grain.

The Grain Weevil

An Ag Robot Doing the Work that No Farmer Should!

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Recognition & Awards

The Grain Weevil has been awarded a 2022
National Science Foundation SBIR Research Grant!